• From Vancouver to Hong Kong and now voilà, at Shanghai! This blog is basically my tidbits to share with my friends and family. Feel free to comment so I know who’s been reading ;) Enjoy ♥

New Year, New Start!

I’ve decided to go on more travelling trips this year. In these four years living in Shanghai, I’ve travelled to Suzhou 蘇州, Hangzhou 杭州, Beijing 北京, Dalian 大连, Ningbo 寧波, Changbai Shan 长白山, Qingdao 青島, Qinghai 青海, Moganshan 莫干山, Hong Kong, and Seoul. I feel like I could’ve done more trips around China, although Shanghai is … Continue reading

“Say ‘Yes’ and Work Hard”

“People will tell you it’s impossible, and that’s exactly why we try to do it” — Bertrand Piccard (James Duncan Davidson / TED)

Seoul Winter

Went to Seoul back in mid-Feb during the Chinese New Year holidays. It was quite cold back then, I would say even colder than Shanghai at the time. We got there when the snow from the day before was starting to melt. Being able to see the colorful Changduk Gong Palace covered in snow was … Continue reading


Haven‘t been posting for a while, but have been using Instagram like my new blog. Check out my photos here: http://instagram.com/katiques/


I have always enjoyed wandering around the city and seeing new things. A while ago, I typed in Shanghai and flaneur, and have found out about the Shanghai Flaneur organization and the walks they organized. The day before Chinese new year, I had my second walking tour with them. Unfortunately this time it was more … Continue reading

Mao G and Markus

It has been more than a year since my last post! Since then, my dear Mao G and Markus, seem to be quite content although I think there will always be trust issues with Markus. According to the cat rescuer, Markus has a harsher childhood and may have watched his family passed away. He also … Continue reading

An addition to the Family!

We’ll be adding Markus to our family today! We did not pick the name of course, and will be ready to rename him as soon as Mao G and him has became buddies. Very excited like a new mom, getting new food, new toy, new scratch board… hehe… Yesterday I walked home after meeting my … Continue reading


I was feeling extra chatty today. Went on for a photo shoot, the first one I’ve ever styled and directed alone. It was only a product shoot, no fancy models, but it was quite cool. Got to talk to everyone I was working with — the project manager, the photographer, the assistant, the client… they … Continue reading

😦 sometimes i wonder if these all is what i want.

Machines that help us move

With Kenny away, I don’t have to rush to him for dinner anymore (he usually gets off earlier than I do), and so I have been taking the bus home. Getting a bit tired of waiting around for a cab. It’s good that taxis have reservation services, but at peak hours which is before and … Continue reading